Why the fuck shall I pretend to hate to get along.

I don't hate so many things.

I don't hate Steven Universe, the boy is warm-hearted and I love this show.

I don't hate Deanna Troi and she is as alive as any confused young women.

I don't hate dark Hermione or Gwen and their looks are already above average of their age and their race.

I don't hate the relationship between Padme and Anakin or Padme herself.

I don't hate Clara Oswald I feel so much sorry for her death and lucky for her own tardis.

I don't hate muslims or blame all brutality on the religion and they should made their own decisions.

I don't hate incests or underages as long as they have mutual agreement.

I don't hate the boy expelled from my class 6 years ago for his incompetence. I hate recall the day I join the rest of the class laughing at his protests.

The real thing I hate is myself, the one join the haters' side to keep away from the opposites. Morality cleaned, but once it happened I can't even stand up and be brave.



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