2265-2270 (Kirk:32) 1st 5year mission

2259 David's birth

2267 Amok time

2270  Kirk(37) as rear admiral in San Francisco for 2.5 years

2273-2278 2nd 5ym

(2273 TOS novel: Home is the Hunter)

(2275 TOS novel: The Wounded Sky; TOS novel: My Enemy, My Ally)

2281 Kirk(46)retired

2284 Kirk(51)return Starfleet Academy

2285 Wrath of Khan

2286 Save whales

2287 Sybok

2288-2293 3rd 5ym

2293 Kirk(60)negotiated with Klingon and was sent in jail with McCoy.Though this mission was successful, Spock blamed himself for endangering Kirk and the consequences that followed, a guilt that lasted 76 years.

2293 Kirk missed at Enterprise-B's shake-down cruise. Spock as Federation's special envoy.

2296 Spock commanded U.S.S. Intrepid II

2368 Spock met Picard at Romulus, Sared died.

2369 Spock appeared at 'Cowboy diplomacy',Troi kidnapped.

2370 Spock went on board Enterprise-D

2371 Kirk died in Nexus

2387 Spock disappeared

AOS Spock lived in new Vulcan

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